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  • The 1st truly paperless logistics application solution.

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    How We Got Our Start

    Experience and vision combined

    TransDigital designer, Jay Newjahr, has been a trucking company owner for 20 years. Frustrated by paperwork inefficiencies in his business, he began researching software products that would take his driver's day completely paperless. Disheartened by what he found available on the market and with a clear vision in his head, he designed and commissioned the development of TransDigital; the 1st truly paperless logistics application solution. All you need is a smart device!

    So What Does TransDigital Offer?

    Here's the brief overview:

    • Digital Manifest
    • Digital Pre/Post Trips
    • Digital DVIR
    • GPS Tracking
    • Trailer Tracking
    • Digital Hour of Service (including voice notification of lunch break time requirement and driver acknowledgement)
    • E-signatures
    • Imaging (registrations, BITs, License, medical, etc)
    • Life Time Record Keeping
    • So much more!
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